Imperial Berkey : w/ Fluoride Filters

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Size: Imperial 4.5 Gallons Capacity

Contains: 2 Black Berkey and 2 PF2 Fluoride elements

Filters: up to 5.5 gallons per hour (16.5 gallons per hour with 6 Black elements)

The Imperial Berkey is one of the two largest Berkey Systems.  It can hold 4.5 purified gallons of water.  Unlike the Big and Royal systems that can hold up to 4 Black Berkey elements at a time, the Imperial Berkey can hold up to 6 elements at a time which allows 16.5 gallons to be filtered per hour.

This system is also made from high grade 304 Stainless Steel. It measures 10" in diameter and 26" tall.
  • Includes: Stainless steel housing (Upper, Lower & Lid), 2 Black Berkey Filters, 2 Fluoride Elements, 2 Hole Plugs, 1 knob, 1 easy flow spigot, and 1 set of easy to follow assembly instructions
  • Imperial Berkey holds 4.5 gallons of water
  • Spots for up to six Black Berkey filters (and 6 corresponding Fluoride filters)
  • Filters up to 5.5 gallons per hour with 2 Black Berkey filters and up to 16.5 gallons with 6 filters
  • 26" Tall and 10" Diameter
  • Includes 2 Black Berkey purification elements and 2 PF2 elements

Note: Not available in California or Iowa.