Black Berkey Purification and Fluoride Element Set : 2 of Each

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Note: Not available in Iowa. 

The purification elements used in Berkey systems are called Black Berkey purification elements. The Berkey (PF-2) Elements adsorb Fluoride and Arsenic. 

The PF-2 reduction elements are designed for use in conjunction with the Black Berkey elements by attaching the Fluoride elements to the Black Berkey elements.

The Black Berkey elements are used in the top canister and the Fluoride elements are used in the bottom canister. The water from the top canister first flows through the Black elements and then through the Fluoride elements, finally ending up in the bottom canister for drinking.

  • This is a Combo Pack containing two Black Berkey Purification Elements and two Berkey Fluoride filters
  • Black Berkey Elements remove 99.999% of viruses, 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria, chlorine, volatile organic compounds including pesticides and herbicides, and 95% of most heavy metals.
  • Lifespan for Black Berkey Elements (set of 2): 6,000 gallons
  • Fluoride filters remove 95% of fluoride. Also reduces levels of Arsenic III and V, MTBEs, and other heavy metal ions
  • Lifespan for Fluoride Filters (set of 2): 1,000 gallons or 1 year

Note: Not available in Iowa.